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Gypsum, the New Generation of Wall

By Ghea Melati • About Gypsum

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Wall is one of the most important part of a building. The robustness of a building depends on the material's quality of the wall.

The majority of Indonesian societies choose to use brick wall with the assumption that the it’s the most appropriate material.

But in fact, the mindset is not 100% true. Gradually, people start to think that the use of bricks resulted a dirty working environment, long process of workmanship, and requires a lot of manpower.

As a solution to the problem, gypsum board is present to be an alternative for the wall. Gyproc presents a drywall system called "GypWall". GypWall offers a variety of advantages that will certainly make it easier during the construction process. Let’s find three advantages of the use of gypsum that will not be found on other conventional wall systems:

  1. 10x Lighter. When compared to the bricks wall, the weight of gypsum mass on the GypWall system is much lighter (23kg/m2) making it easier during the construction process and also during the renovation process.
  2. 3x Faster. The installation process of gypsum wall system is quick and easy. The process also will not make the worksite becomes dirty. The first step to do is to prepare the frame, after that the gypsum board can be installed. The apply the compound as gypsum adhesive. Within minutes, the wall system is finished and ready to be coated with wallpaper or paint to maximize the aesthetics of the room.
  3. Reduce Global Warming. In addition to providing various benefits for homeowners, GypWall also very friendly to the environment. As a non-toxic building material, gypsum has properties that can be recycled. In addition, gypsum can also withstand the heat temperature so that the air in the room becomes cooler and the use of air conditioning in the house can be reduced.

With the benefit of GypWall, do you still have any doubt to use gypsum for your walls? If you still have questions about GypWall, just contact us here. Say hello to GypWall!

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