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Gyproc, gypsum products from Saint-Gobain Indonesia received an Indonesian Green Label Green Award

Gyproc, gypsum products from Saint-Gobain Indonesia received an Indonesian Green Label Green Award from the Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI).  This prestigious award was given by Anggia Murni, Rating Director, representing the Chairman of GPCI which was received by Jose Martos, CEO of Saint-Gobain Indonesia.  Gyproc is the first Indonesian gypsum board to receive the Gold Award, the highest award for the environmentally friendly gypsum board category.

Global warming and all its effects are facts that must be faced.  Real steps must be taken to inhibit the rate of environmental damage.  Gyproc is currently incorporated in the Circle Founder of the Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI) which is involved in the preparation of measuring instruments for the use of materials that meet the criteria of green (environmentally friendly) in building a building.  Environmentally friendly building materials are now a demand.  This advantage is an added value for consumers.  This can be found in Gyproc which is recognized as a product that meets the health element and has no toxic effect.  Another advantage, Gyproc board is a building material that can be recycled so it does not become waste.

Gyproc is currently the most rational choice, as a product which, during its life cycle, from the source of raw materials to its end of life, does not have a negative effect on the condition of human health and its environment.  This certainly helps to create a balance between development and nature so that the environment remains comfortable.

It is time for the wider community of users and professionals in the construction sector to be involved in environmental care and conservation efforts.  This is the contribution of Gyproc Indonesia to real actions that hinder the impact of environmental damage and the pace of global climate change.  Towards the environment of a healthy green Indonesian life.

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