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Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya No. 1A, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta, 12160 - Indonesia

Indoor Air Quality

Based on the research, people spend about 90% of their time indoors. But unfortunately, there are many harmful substances inside a building.

Indoor air usually contain various dangerous subtances that produced from everyday activities and present as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). One of the most harmful VOC substances known as very high concentration of Formaldehyde and it caused by various sources thus cigarette smoke, wall and ceiling materials, house furniture, or other people's activites such as cooking, cleaning, or ironing.

To prevent the dangerous impact, Gyproc has developed an innovation that will actively remove Formaldehyde from the indoor air by transforming it into the safe level substance that secure for health.

Our Activ'Air plasterboard will support the system and give life protection for years ahead.


Market sectors

This performance is particulary helpful in the following sectors.

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