Gyptone BIG is the type of value added board that laminated with special acoustic tissue lining. The board is usually use for any ceiling or wall lining with high sound absorption needs.

By using Gyptone BIG, you will have bigger space to design the given room. Moreover, the pattern provides high aesthetic looks on its own. So you will have a choice not to paint it. The boards are made with 4 tapered edge and the BIG format of gyptone makes it possible to create large unbroken ceiling surfaces without visible joints.

Currently, Gyptone BIG is available in 3 designs of perforations:

  • Gyptone BIG Sixto 63 (hexagonal perforation pattern with radius 6mm board)
  • Gyptone BIG Quattro 41 (square cut out design perforations board)
  • Gyptone BIG Line 6 (6 lines cut out design perforations board)


Gyptone BIG is widely used for ceiling and wall lining system in various market sectors depends on the performance and aesthetic needs. It's also highly recommended to used for high acoustic performance building such as office, school, karaoke room, meeting room, and others.

Board color

Ivory Paper Liner

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Edge type
12.5 1200 2400 R/E