DB Station Indonesia

DB Station Indonesia


dB Station is a unique innovation of Saint-Gobain that allow people to experience various acoustic performances of conventional wall compare to GypWall.

How to use dB Station? It's really simple. Users only need to access the website, and then choose the country that have been working together to develop this service. Indonesia itself has inaugurated its involvement in dB Station since January 2017.

After selecting the country, users will be faced with a situation where there are two rooms with different conditions which will issue various types of sounds. Starting from the silence, to noisy. This condition can be used by users to try out the features contained in dB Station. Users only need to select the type of systems that belongs to Gyproc Indonesia, ranging from single layer, double layer, and others. Systems were selected to illustrate the acoustic performance and sound absorption capabilities possessed. Therefore, people will get real illustration of the performance of the products and systems belonging to Gyproc Indonesia.

Is it so simple and interesting? Our team believe that this innovation will allow the public to know the benefits of Gyproc. So that people will not hesitate to choose Gyproc as the needs of their building.


Click here to feel the experience of our dB Station: