Gypsum Forever



Saint-Gobain present with strong commitment to become the global leader in sustainable habitat and energy efficiency.

Therefore, Gyproc as the leading manufacturer of gypsum under Saint-Gobain group, always pay attention to the impact of our products and systems. In line with the commitment, we have developed “Gypsum Forever”, a sustainable approach that will minimize the impact of our products and systems on the environment and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions and services to our customers.

The principles of “Gypsum Forever” are now firmly embedded at every stage of our product lifecycle, from raw materials sourcing and production, to recycling at the end of the building life, enabling us to participate in Saint-Gobain’s 2010-2025 targets of:

  • 15% reduction in embedded energy
  • 20% reduction in associated CO2 emissions
  • Halving of non-recovered waste
  • 80% reduction in industrial liquid wastewater discharge.

By looking at the results of the analysis of multiple parameters to environmental effects such as Global Warming Potential (GWP), the total use of primary energy sources are not renewable and the use of clean water, Gyproc drywall system has performed better in all aspects. This proves that out plasterboard significantly saving more energy and environmentally friendly.