Gyproc: Environmentally Friendly Solution

Environmentally Friendly Solution


Do you know that the existence of the buildings on this earth has a big impact for the environment as well as being one of the factors that contribute to the environmental problems that we face today?

It becomes the background of the importance method of sustainable habitat. In Gyproc, we have developed a sustainable approach that is useful for those in the construction industry (architects, contractors, applicators, and others). In addition to the Gyproc also committed to the sustainable habitat through policies and approaches that we did in our business.

In practice, the use of plasterboard as ceiling or wall system is a smart move as environmentally friendly solutions. Besides safe for health, our plasterboards are made from 100% natural gypsum and all of those are recyclable. Moreover, the component is also efficient energy use.

As an innovative manufacturer of gypsum board, Gyproc always provide the best solution for each function of the building. For example, is the application of ThermaLine and Activ'Air that will be the right choice for green building. ThermaLine itself is coated with excellent thermal insulation so that would reduce the use of air conditioning (AC) in the building, while Gyproc Actv'Air a board equipped with special technology to remove harmful substances and improve the indoor air quality.