Indoor Air Comfort



In order to meet company's commitment in minimizing the impact of Gyproc’s products and systems to the environment, we keep developing innovative solutions that have a great impact on the surrounding environment.

One of the best solutions of our indoor air quality system that will meet the healthy indoor air requirement.

The system will use our high performance Activ'Air board that consist of an aerated gypsum core with other additive encased in, and firmly bonded to. Gyproc for indoor air quality will create healthier indoor environment by removing 70% formaldehyde inside the building (in every 1 m2). Moreover, the system also provides fire, acoustic, and duty rating performance

Key Fact

  • Designed to capture indoor harmful substances and transforming it into an inert compound
  • Aesthetic appeal and high flexibility design
  • Approximate weight: 20-25 kg/m2
  • Environmental friendly (100% natural gypsum & recyclable)
  • The Activ'Air boards will last up to 50 years
  • Wide range application: drywall, wall lining, and ceiling system


"The system is suitable to applied for drywall, wall lining, and ceiling sysem that requiring better indoor air quality, such as in residential, office, school, and healthcare."