Drywall System

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Gyproc Gypwall as known as our drywall system is a modern high function system that could improve your interior design.

GypWall present as a modern wall system to replace the traditional system that use bricks or blocks. Traditional wall systems are wet, tends to create a messy construction site, requires longer construction time, as well as the potential to cause uneven wall surfaces and easy to crack. Consequently, GypWall as drywall system become the best solution for every building.

The system consists of Gypframe wall partition combine our high quality Gypboard. The system is lightweight, moisture-resistant performance, acoustic performance, fire-rated performance, thermal performance, and robust performance. By using Drywall System, you don’t have to use the conventional use of brick and block, it will reduced the cost in more efficient way. It also provides various advantages such as requiring less workforce, less dirty site, environmentally friendly, able to give electrical installations space on the walls, and speed up the construction time by up to 30% so that would save more time and cost.

The installation is 3 times faster than the conventional way and the system also 10 times lighter than using brick and block as your building’s partition.