Gyproc MASPRO Club

Gyproc MASPRO Club


Gyproc MASPRO Club is an installer club belongs to Gyproc Indonesia that aims to educate the members about Gyproc products and system.

By joining the club, MASPRO will help you become more professional so you will handle the project better. Through the installer club, Gyproc would like to give the highest appreciation for all installers that have been contributed to the company. Besides, all members will get the advantage to try the newest thing in gypsum plasterboard industry. It's going to be really fun, isn't it?

There will be two activites on Gyproc MASPRO Club, thus workshop and competition:

  • Workshop

The workshop will be held every month where the team will learn and get special tips & trick about Gyproc product installation properly.

  • Competition

In Gyproc MASPRO Club's competition, the team must complete various challanges aboit Gyproc's system installation as the summary of the previous workshops.