XRay Protection Board is Lead-free x-ray protection board that provide optimum protection from X-Ray radiation.

The plasterboard is designed to provide optimum protection in radiology room, since it contains Barium Sulphate for X-Ray radiation protection system. Gyproc XRay Protection Board not only gives a simplified approach to effective X-ray protection, but also completed with fire resistance and excellent acoustic performance.

*Size mention below is our standard size. For special size requirement, please contact our sales team.


Suitable to be used in any Gyproc’s wall and partition systems for radiology room such as in hospital, veterinary clinic, dental clinic, and laboratory.

Key Benefits:

  • Tested and certified X-ray shielding performance
  • XRay Protection board's surface is suitable for most forms of decoration
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Best solution for healthcare buildings

Environmental Friendly:

  • Recyclable because 100% lead-free
  • Do not contain harmful substances

Board color

Yellow paper liner

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg) Edge type  
12.5 600 1800 18 R/E text  Array Array
12.5 600 2400 18 R/E text  Array Array


For further information regarding Gyproc XRay Protection Board, please contact our Customer Service Hotline or filling the Contact Us form.